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Know your baby's birth time!

The significance of time of birth, and how it can be used in raising vibrant and healthy children.

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Know your baby's birth time!

May 07, 2013 at 9:52 PM

Pay attention to the time your baby is born!!!

In ancient India, and many of those who are familiar with the significance of the Vedic science of Jyotish, multiple moments during a baby’s birth were/are noted and used to outline the child’s birth chart:

When the crown of the head is born, when the nose is born, when the baby takes her first breath, when the whole body is born, and when the cord is cut. 

A Jyotish chart (vedic astrology chart) is an invaluable tool and an accurate positioning of the planets - the same positioning used by modern astronomers - that when read by a trained Jyoti, can offer us many insights into our children. 

Knowing about the influences that are inherent and changing in their chart can help us to guide them in the most positive directions, give us an understanding of things to look out for, and help us to understand why they react the way they do at times. 

A skilled Jyoti will be able to ask the proper questions regarding a chart which can help determine the correct birth time if one isn’t sure exactly.  Those of us who have been at a birth (even our own) can attest that the exact minute of birth is often missed, guessed at or approximated.  Always be suspicious if the birth certificate says a time that ends with 00, 15, 30 or 45! 

In conclusion, make sure there is someone with a universal cell phone time that can accurately identify the moment of birth.  Although we don’t generally note all the moments during birth that older traditions used, knowing your child’s accurate birth time is so valuable.

A Jyotish chart is a beautiful way to get to know your child (yourself and your partner) even more!



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