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Hydrating our Children

The magic of water, and why my kids don't get enough...

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Hydrating our Children

July 25, 2013 at 3:00 PM

It occurred to me recently that while I am always striving to remember my appropriate water intake each day, that my children’s water intake was slipping through the cracks. 



In a great book by Dr. John Douillard, Perfect Health For Kids, he discusses the importance of hydration as one of the secrets to perfect health by supporting the immune system, increasing strength and vitality as well as mental and physical performance.


Water has an attractive quality in that salts, sugars, and other molecules added to it will stick to it and dissolve within it very quickly and easily.  In our cells, water needs to pass through hydration channels, which when combined with all these other molecules, becomes very difficult to do so. 

Therefore, anything other than pure water is not effectively hydrating our bodies. 


I will dilute juice for my kids, and encourage milk drinking.  They get the occasional juice box at a party, and yes, I guiltily admit allowing a Sprite once or twice at Maw Maw’s house when the cousins were drinking it.


But lately, I’ve been much more adamant about them drinking WATER.


After many hours of not eating between dinner and breakfast, the body needs hydration.  Before or with breakfast is an essential time to drink a glass of water.  It has become mandatory for them to drink all or most of that water before they head out to school.  This encourages a bowel movement, as well as preparing the body for ideal functioning throughout the day. 


In the Ayurvedic tradition, it is suggested to sip hot water throughout the day (not at all weird when you get used to it…). When the body is offered water that it does not have to warm up naturally, it becomes immediately available to the cells and tissues.  Our lymphatic system is a collection of drains.  It circulates the watery goodness through our body and rids us of toxins that we don’t need.  If our drains are dry and clogged, things we don’t want circulating around will not be able to effectively eliminate.  When we are watered up, flowing and clear, the whole body is able to function better.  Drinking ice water does the body a disservice in that the digestive system cannot do anything with it.  It is essentially un-digestable.  Anything colder than room temperature water is more difficult for the body to use.  I’ve gotten used to requesting “water with no ice” at every restaurant we go to. 


I read that if your child is a water drinker, they will grow up to be a water drinker.  If they do not drink water, they are more likely to grow up chronically dehydrated, and continue to drink substances that cannot fully hydrate the body.  Makes sense to me. 


I pack them off with a water bottle for school, and make sure they drink a glass upon returning home.




When I read that $4.5 million worth of soda were sold to students in the L.A. Unified School District in the year 2000, I was astonished to imagine what that amount might be nation wide. 

Did you know that each can of cola contains 17 teaspoons of sugar?  I didn’t.

Can you imagine your child eating 17 teaspoons of sugar?!

I shudder to think what their physical and behavioral reaction would be to that…


Some days it’s enough if I can remember to get the basics done. 

Getting us all to drink water seems like a good basic goal.

Done!  (sip…)

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