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Hayley's Testimonial for Custom Meal Prep

I was so happy to cook for this wonderful couple when they brought their beautiful daughter home. We did another meal program about year later when they both had returned to work full swing. They were a joy!

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Hayley's Testimonial for Custom Meal Prep

May 20, 2013 at 10:46 AM

Our family was so fortunate to have Christine bring us meals for the 8 weeks after we brought our baby home from the hospital (3x/week for the first month and 1x/week for the second month).  It was such a gift to have the break from menu-planning, food-shopping, and cooking, so that we could focus our attention and energy on taking care of our little one.  We looked forward to each delivery of delicious, healthful, and beautiful creations that Christine left at our door.  We contemplated asking friends to cook for us or getting take-out from restaurants, and we're so glad we chose to have our meals prepared by Christine.  There was no scheduling or decision-making; it was simple and easy.  And as our bodies were getting used to the new demands of parenthood, it was a priority for us to eat food that was made with ingredients that best supported our wellbeing.  Christine also prepared our menus with the intention of supporting us as new parents, and so her food was especially nourishing.  We so appreciated Christine's warmth, sensitivity, and the joy she brings to her food.  We fully recommend Christine and her food.



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