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The Expression of our Genes

Inspired by epigenetics to change our genetic code through changing our habits.

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The Expression of our Genes

July 24, 2013 at 1:19 PM

It’s easy to assume that our genetic blueprint gives us a clear cut path. We are likely to experience certain diseases or imbalances,  and possess strengths and good health in other areas. 



Why would we put effort into living certain ways if we’re coded to be a certain way?


With the emergence of epigenetics, a newer field in biology, we have discovered and proven that…

Our genes are not immobile!


In fact, our genes are able to express themselves in many different ways based on the environment we provide for them. 


Imagine a child who is born and raised in a loveless environment in which she is denied quality foods, and not enough water.  She is not encouraged to run and play with other children, and loneliness becomes normal.

Take that same child, the same genetic code running through her body, and provide her with a loving community.  She is fed fresh and beautiful foods, she is hydrated and has a rich social atmosphere with people who love her for who she is and inspire her to do her best. 

Of course her body/mind/spirit would emerge much differently!


With the emergence of epigenetics, we can see that the control of a healthy future is in our hands. 


This gives a different spin on the medical model in our modern world.  Doctors have traditionally been taught to treat symptoms in the body as a path to finding homeostasis, or natural balance. 

But if we are less likely to encounter problems in our health by changing the way we live, think and eat…the real work needs to come BEFORE we get sick.


96% of all PCPs believe that our health care system should focus more on nutrition, yet most medical schools do not train their doctors in it.


This highlights one of the major problems we face in our country –

The SAD diet (Standard American Diet). It is truly a sad reality.


One can become overwhelmed easily when thinking about how to change their eating and living habits.  What if we focused on a few basic concepts, and applied them as much as we could.

(Remember – 51% of the time is still a majority!  Thanks for that Dr. Douillard.)



FRESH foods

SLOW taking our time with eating and doing

BREATH pay attention to slowing and deepening it

LOVE offering it and receiving it

SIMPLE ingredients and combinations


There…that doesn’t look so overwhelming!


It’s a start and a process, and one that I chip away at each day with my family.  Each little success is motivation to try another, and each challenge is an opportunity to practice self-compassion.


Here’s to the best expression of our genes – Cheers!



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